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CEO's Message


Since the establishment of Unity mobiles "i2Jordan" in 2001 and we areseeking  to glowin this sector beginning with our partnership with Nokia globe, in addition to our excellent and efficient customer services, accompanied with the flexible organizational structure which did adapt with the fast growing company  business and clients volume, and the long-term customer service strategic  plans. All this in total created the brand name of i2Jordan as a leader company  to be the beacon of mobile distribution and maintenance in the Jordanian market.

The company keeps on achieving a success after another which is considered  to be a since repride for this blessed and beloved country, and presented to provide a larger base of customer's needs that trusts our services level from the north to the south of the Kingdom which constitutes support for i2 Jordan to continue its strategic plans with confidence and ambition through GOD's help.

Communication and mobile phones became a part of our daily life styles, and its importance will increase a year after another; as we are moving towards an unprecedented level to provide the latest to our community, and what we offer puts us in a unique position in this sector. i2 Jordan is proud to lead the role in providing mobile phones for this community in order to keep up with the modern global " civilization of communication".
Our mission is simply summarized by providing all the new mobile technology, satisfying our customers; stimulate our employees to give their best and to be at the high responsibility level towards customers and society in general.

In i2 Jordan everybody works on applying this philosophy starting with the call center employees who receives your calls and customer services employees, passing by the technical support team that works behind the scenes ending with the sales team and Human Resources department, all those works professionally in order to become our mass vision a reality, ultimately to reach our goal which is satisfying our beloved customers.

Here in i2 Jordan our customers represents the focus of our work, we aim to achieve a qualitative leap in the quality and fast services which offered to customers by giving attention to what they aim, and to emphasize our vision to keep up with the mobile phones civilization in the world.

As we always keep the company's active presence in supporting community programs, where we presented in many cultural and social events in Amman city and in other regions of the kingdom, therefore we got the marvelous effect in building an interface between the company and the surrounding community, which is a responsibility and obligation to be pleasant towards our society.

Last but not least "all of these based achievements in our beloved country wouldn't exist without God's blessings, and I would like to extend my thanks and  great gratitude to all the company employees who have contributed in applying the company's enlightened vision, the qualitative productivity they provide and  their nonstop efforts to provide the best, which makes them partners in the success story the company is livingin reality today".

And finally I would love on behalf of myself and on behalf of all the company employees to welcome you on our website, and we hope that your visit had achieved its goals and that you have found what you were searching for; and I here re-invite you to always communicate with us wither through visiting our website or calling any of the company employees to answer your inquiries.

Mr. Anees Al Qalam
Current Job:
  - i2 Jordan CEO– Nokia authorized dealer in Jordan.
  - Member of the Jordanian Economic and Social Council.
  - Member of the Arab Businessmen Federation.
  - Member of the Jordanian Businessmen Association.
•Previous experience:
  - Al Qalam Investment group Chief Executive.
  (Damas company, Petra Express Company, Anwar Arabia Telecommunications (Orange authorized agent)).

Key elements of i2 Jordan strategy:

  • build a new winning mobile ecosystem in partnership with Microsoft.
  • bring the next billion online in developing growth markets
  • invest in next-generation disruptive technologies
  • increase our focus on speed, results and accountability